The history of the Ferragamo Empire has many wonderful lessons we can learn from. It all began when Salvatore Ferragamo followed his brothers to Boston, Massachusetts, US, to work in the leather industry. But working at the boot factory his brothers were working at did not match the idea he had in his head, especially regarding skills. When he realised it wasn’t what he wanted to do, he turned his back against it and asked his brothers to move with him to 
California to open a made-to-measure shoemaking service. Soon, it became a beacon of luxury for 
Hollywood’s greatest stars, and the Ferragamo story was born. Had he just called it fate and kept working at that factory, there wouldn’t be these great 
Ferragamo shoes that we have today. Likewise, 
before we could become someone, there have to be some challenges. FERRAGAMO GENTLEMEN'S STORY_00

Salvatore Ferragamo believed that we’re all too cool to follow the paved path, and he’s a prime example of that.


In 2016, Ferragamo presents A Man’s Story 
(#ManStory), an online series by photographer and filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini under the creative direction of the brand’s Massimiliano Giornetti, which highlights the notion of making your own rules.

The gentlemen featured in this campaign are 
from various industries, and each has his own 
unique character. They include actor Douglas Booth, music artist A$AP Rocky, New York Rangers 
ice hockey legend Henrik Lundqvist, artist and 
photographer Ryan McGinley, co-founder of online auction house Paddle8 Alexander Gilkes, artist and entrepreneur Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, and art consultant Tyrone Wood. What they have in common is they are not afraid to make their own rules, and are not deterred by failures. FERRAGAMO GENTLEMEN'S STORY_02

In addition to the digital campaign, Ferragamo 
also has Made To Order Driver project, which 
encourages every man to be himself by customising their own Driver shoes, the classic loafer of 
Ferragamo. There are hundreds of way to make 
your MTO Driver unique, as you can choose every 
element, from the material for each part to how you like the Gancio. The leather can be crocodile skin, ostrich, calf skin, or mink, while the colour can be ultramarine, antique saddle, sapphire, grey, red, ivory, or classic black. If you want the soles to be in a different colour, choose from cherry, deep brown, smoke, indigo, 
gold, palladium, metallic blue, and graphite. Initials 
can be stitched onto your shoes, which fashion people truly appreciate. It’s these little details that make 
a big difference. FERRAGAMO GENTLEMEN'S STORY_04

Thanks to its iconic structure, you can take 
one look at Driver loafers and know that they are 
by Ferragamo. The original design of the brand had been developed into this model, perfect for driving. Special rubber is used as the sole, giving it a beautiful edge that makes it stand out from other shoes. 
Additionally, the rubber lends more flexibility when walking, and supports the feet well. Driver shoes, uniquely crafted with the prestigious Tramezza 
construction, are inspired by the art of driving 

Meanwhile, the #FerragamoEscape project, 
a sequel to #ManStory and MTO Driver, celebrates 
the season of travel. The series takes you to see 
how three iconic gentlemen travel in Italy. They are 
race car driver Mathias Lauda, SoundCloud 
co-founder Alexander Ljung, and photographer 
Johannes Huebl.

Now you can see how real 
Ferragamo men live and travel.


Story : Chalisa Viravan PHOTOGRAPHY Courtesy of brands

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