The Story of Cath Kidston

It has been over two decades that Cath Kidston had changed the course of printing history. Cath’s passion for colorful prints and retro patterns started developing at an early age. She was a motif lover, an antique fabric dealer and even once opened a tiny curtain shop. Cath, at that time, had no clue that her devotion to decorative designs would gear her up for the upcoming big thing until the historic moment came while she was simply flipping magazine pages. The concept to create the brand abruptly came up to her right at the second that she was bewitched by the rose-wallpaper bathroom inside the copy. Time and tide wait for no man. She, at once, established her own label with the concept of ‘Modern Vintage’. Cath Kidston later became a household name around the world.

Here are stories of the 5 classic prints of Cath Kidston that you need to know.

Cath Kidston Rose Bouquet
‘Rose Bouquet’

1.Antique Rose Bouquet (1993)

After settling vintage-vibe stores in Holland Park and Notting Hill, the founder debuted her first ever print, ‘Rose Bouquet’ by reinterpreting a traditional rose wallpaper she once saw in Wales. The artwork was originally delivered in a lot of things from cushions, bags to iron table cloths.

'Rose Gingham'
‘Rose Gingham’

2. Rose Gingham (1994)

In fact, the designer didn’t really mean to produce the Rose Gingham. Ready-to-use goods as duvets and pillow sets were mistakenly sent instead of her order of the raw 1500-meter fabric. Hence, Cath turned crisis to her opportunity by transforming them into cushions, coat hangers, bath hats and swimsuits, which could be considered as her first full collection.

Strawberry Cath Kidston

3.Strawberry (1999)

As the childhood strawberry pinafore was engraved on her heart, Cath emerged it in her ‘modern vintage’ way to form her personal ‘Strawberry’. Today, this creation comes in pink, light yellow, white and blue.

Cowboy Cath Kidston

4.Cowboy (2001)

The commencement of the idea dates back to the first few years after establishment. Cath’s business trip to USA provoked the new and distinctive vibe, ‘Cowboy’ into the archives. The pattern once appeared in the The Hours film starring Nicole Kidman.

Stanley Cath Kidston

5.Stanley (2007)

Cath drew inspiration of this artistry from Stanley, her beloved lakeland terrier dog. She not only took him as a model but also honored him by naming the print after him. The original Stanley is a dog wearing red sweater.

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