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Texture Matters


Cream eyeshadow makes your gold eyeshadow look more stylish than powder eyeshadow. However, creamy texture tends to get smudged. Choose cream eyeshadow if you know you’ll be in an air-conditioned room. Avoid putting on eyecream before using cream eyeshadow, or your eye lids could be too greasy, making your eyeshadow smudge.

Keep it Simple


Rule number one: apply gold make-up on only one spot of your face, and keep the rest minimal. Putting on too much gold make-up makes your face too shiny. You could end up looking like a cabaret show girl.

Break the Rules


If you’re going to a party, break away from the ordinary by playing with gold make-up without rules. Use gold eyeliner to draw graphic lines, or coat your lashes with gold eyeshadow to make your lashes stand out. You can also use gold eyeshadow to groom your eyebrows.

Choose the right shade


Want to look glam and elegant? Choose a more subdued shade of gold. Opt for gold with a touch of nude, champagne, or brown. If you have tanned or medium skin, go a shade brighter by choosing orange- or yellow-tinged gold to compliment your skin colour.

Pair it with the best lip colours


Like mentioned before, if you don’t want to look tacky, don’t coat your entire face with gold make-up.  Match gold eyeshadow with a complimenting lip colour, such as light gold eyeshadow and burgundy lips, or golden brown eyeshadow with nude lips.

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