How to Choose the Right Cologne

If you have dry skin, and want the scent to remain on you, choose something strong like musk, leather, and spice.

A lot of people test cologne the wrong way. Some spray it on their clothes, some on their wrist, and some in the air. There are many right ways to test cologne, and one of them is to use a blotter card. Start from seven scents that you think might best suit your personality. How do you pick those seven finalists? First is to choose a popular scent that many people recommend. Second scent is something you’ve had in mind for a while but aren’t sure about. Third is one that attracts you with its bottle. Fourth is something you like because of the ad campaign. Fifth is a scent represented by a presenter you like. Sixth is something the sale person recommends. The last one is something recently released. Now that you have the seven contestants, spray each of them on a blotter card. Notice the top notes, which will make the first impression. Take out four that impress you least, leaving only three. After 10-15 minutes, after the top notes have thinned out, the middle notes emerge. Try the three remaining scents, and pick only two that you like. Next, spray both scents on each of your wrists to see which of them suits you best. Leave them on for 45-60 minutes to see the base notes, which determine how they will really smell on you. How they smell also depends on your skin. Compare both scents and you will see which one works best for you. grooming-1 How to Match Cologne TO Your Skin Type A scent smells different on each person, depending on several factors — gender, genetics, diet, lifestyle, and pH balance. Generally, you can match cologne to the nature of your skin. Oily Skin Those with oily skin have extra sebum on the skin, and this makes the scent linger longer than on dry skin. The scent is also stronger. However, when skin sebum mixes with cologne, sometimes the scent turns a little unpleasant. If you have oily skin, do not put on too much cologne. Use it sparingly, and try something light such as sporty or summery scents with fruity and floral notes. Avoid musk and leather scents which can intensify when in contact with skin sebum. An easy way to spot your right cologne is to look for something lightly coloured like light yellow, light green and light blue. Dry Skin Dry skin means the skin does not have much sebum, so the scent evaporates quickly. For some, alcohol-based scent makes the skin even drier. Thus, if you have dry skin, and want the scent to remain on you, choose something strong like musk, leather, and spice. A tip is to look for scents released in winter because they are usually stronger. They are also in a darker colour, like amber and dark blue. These scents are more intense and last longer on the skin. Sensitive Skin Tips for sensitive skin are quite similar to dry skin. Keep in mind that alcohol-based scent can irritate or even burn your skin. Choose something natural or stick on organic brands instead of using chemicals. How to wear Cologne
  • Do not spray your cologne directly on your clothes. The scent not only evaporates faster, but it can also stains your clothes.
  • Spray your cologne on your pulse points, such as by the ears, on the wrists, or on your chest. This way, the scent is distributed well.
  • Do not use cologne as deodorant. When mixed with sweat and body odour from your underarm, the scent becomes very unpleasant.
  • Layer the scent by using shower gel and body lotion of the same scent to make it last longer.
  • Do not leave your cologne in a hot place or in direct sunlight because the scent can change.
  • Usually, a bottle of cologne can last a year or two. If the colour or scent changes, it’s time to toss it.
  • Spices, garlic and onion might be good for your health, but if you consume too much, their scent can show in your sweat.
  • Don’t forget to check your breath and foot odour. Even if you put on the best cologne, if your breath or your feet smell bad, 
your cologne can’t help.
  • Nutrition is important. Consume more fruits and vegetables, and less meat. If you can eat clean food, that’s great. It will make your body clean from within, and your natural scent will be better.

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